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We specialize in both residential and commercial projects. Our aim is to provide customers with exceptional workmanship, on budget and projects delivered on time.

Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or just about a few minor fixes, our team has you completely covered. Our robust industry experience, coupled with strong expertise along with our guarded reputation makes us the perfect choice for you to rest your faith in us. Offering the highest quality installation services in the area, we are here for your residential and commercial tiling needs.

Bruhn Construction believes that every job is personal. We specifically tailor every situation to ensure the customer receives the highest quality.

Estimates are always free, we look forward to doing business with you!


Bruhn Construction is an established contractor providing only the best in full-service floor installation, repair, and replacement services. We not only provide you with superior quality, but we also have a team of experienced professionals to meet your flooring installation needs.

We pride ourselves on our flooring expertise and have earned a strong reputation for quality installation and repair; we do the jobs that other companies won’t, from holes and scratches to an entirely new floor.

When we enter your home, we enact strict measures to protect your surrounding property while completing our work and have clean-up protocols in place to leave your home in tip-top shape.

From the planning stage all the way through installation, we are here to guide you through the process of your new flooring project.



We have been offering residential and commercial tile solutions for a number of years. We have refined our services, and know we are able to offer solutions that are going to be helpful for many years to come. Our team will ensure that you are left with a tile job that is not only eye-catching but also durable.

Why tile? The presence of excessive water and moisture in your bathroom can become a problem. Over time, water can cause damage to many kinds of materials. This isn’t a problem with tiles, however. Tiles are largely resistant to the damage that water can do, which is part of the reason why they are such a great option for your bathroom.

We offer a complete range of tiling services for all kinds of homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Whether you need a simple look for a commercial bathroom or a grand look for your master bath, our tiling services are here for you.

Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of tiling. From the initial preparation to installation of tiles as well as fixing and restoration of tiles. We do it all. No matter your bathroom shower tiling project, we have the skills and experience to handle it quickly, seamlessly, and efficiently.



Your kitchen is another room where you can take advantage of what tiles have to offer. Adding a stylish, elegant, and cost-effective kitchen backsplash, tile floor, tile countertops, etc. can really help transform the look and feel of your entire kitchen.

Whether you are remodeling, or simply looking to add something new to your kitchen, our tile installation service can provide the new tiles that your kitchen needs. We can install a range of different tiles that are perfect for use in any kitchen space.

The durability and design appeal that tiles can provide make them perfect for a range of uses in your kitchen. Tile flooring can withstand the foot traffic your kitchen experiences, tile backsplashes can help to protect your kitchen walls from any water damage and tile countertops can be a great addition to your kitchen for a number of reasons. As part of this service, we can install kitchen wall tiles, tile flooring, tile countertops, backsplashes and so much more.

Our team will keep you informed through every step of the way and provide you with a quote before beginning the work so that you don’t get any surprises when the work is done. Schedule your free estimate today!



We offer professional fireplace services, including remodeling and new construction. As an experienced company in the region, we improve your fireplace design by using only the best materials of.

Why tile your fireplace?

Beyond use in your kitchen and bathroom, tiles can also be great for use around your fireplace for this very reason.

The durability and heat resistant qualities of most tiles mean they can be useful for your fireplace. This can have practical benefits, including keeping the fire contained and your home safe, as well as decorative ones.

The materials that we use for the tile installation on your fireplace are going to be able to endure the heat that is created from the fireplace. We always ensure that we use heat-resistant products and materials to leave you with results that are safe and that are going to be able to last.

Get in touch with us now to schedule our fireplace services!



Do you want to give a refreshing look to your space? Are you looking for a quality and durable solution to add lasting beauty? Update your residential or commercial interior or exterior space with unique accent walls.


Whether you want a tile accent wall in your bedroom, shower room, kitchen, or other space, we deliver exceptional results. 

We have many options of design, styles and materials to choose from according to your personal style and taste.


Our experienced professionals ensure to provide top-notch quality custom accent walls services that help you accentuate the interior of your space. 

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And more...

There are a lot of options and materials that you can choose from when it comes to finishing your pool, and tiles are just one of them. Pool tile installation is yet another of the tile installation services that we provide.

When compared with many other options that you must choose from, tiles really are the best option for your pool lining. They provide many great practical benefits and can help you save both time and money when it comes to pool care and maintenance.

Pool tiles can offer a unique look that complements the design of your outdoor area and creates a stunning visual display. With our installation, we can ensure that these tiles remain intact, providing protection from water damage and corrosion.

By enlisting our company to take on the task, you can rest assured that your pool will remain in pristine condition for many years to come.

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